The Cycle of Light

The Cycle of LightShadows across the moonlit sea
Wave the Saviour’s love to me
Underneath the visible
Hidden gems in the darkness be

Shimmering silvery threads of grey
Sapphire blue and emerald green
Woven by the Maker’s hand
Blended so beautifully, topped with sheen

Daybreak dawns and fills the sky
Moonlight fades and releases light
Oranges, lemons and brightest reds
Blaze with creation’s pure delight

Then sunshine floods the afternoon
And the hours pass by as the day grows dim
Darkness once again fades the flowers
The moon twinkles in the distance and closes in

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

4 thoughts on “The Cycle of Light

    • Thanks Wendy … just like we are still there when ‘darkness’ appears to cover the expectations and desires of our hearts … when circumstances/illness etc cover ‘who we think we are’ and ‘what we think we should be doing’ … and yes, we too are known by the Father … we are resting until morning … I love what you have written … do I write it into a poem or do you, I think you’d better do it … your beautiful thoughts … blessings Liana xx


Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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