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Jammy Drop and Belly Flop (A Children’s Poem About Two Little Bears Who Went Fishing)

Bears Floating
Jammy Drop and Belly Flop
Went fishing out to sea
Wanted fish for dinner
So they sailed out happily

Out and out past great big waves
Their boat, it did surrender
To ocean rolls and stormy clouds
And soon the swell felt like a blender

Up and down and down and up
Poor Jammy Drop turned greener
This wasn’t meant to happen
All they wanted, was fish for dinner

Suddenly the seas grew worse
And Belly Flop yelled through the gusty wind
I know what to do, what to do
I’ll jump overboard and then the sea will be pinned

So out he jumped, the waves rose high
A huge belly flop into the wild, wild ocean
Jammy Drop threw the lifeboat in
And at last the ocean ceased its motion

… Oh! and look …
Fish have been splattered high and low
Jumped right into the boat
It looks like the fish caught them instead
And there they go … Row … Row … Row
They’re off to cook their dinner

Two Cuddly Bears

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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