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What’s in the Box? (A Children’s Poem)

Cute Snail

Caterpillar Joe and Snail-To-Go
Crept up the old wooden box
Strange sounds were coming from deep within
And something had tampered with the old-fashioned locks

Long Green Caterpillar

Shush shush … shushed Joe
For Snail-To-Go was singing oh! so loudly
“We’re off to see who’s ahide-hide-hiding”
As his brave voice puffed up proudly

Up they went, Joe reached the top
‘Cause his little legs did carry …
Carry him so much faster than slimy snail
And suddenly out popped Larry

Oh deary me! he nearly lost his hold
For each little slippery foot did slip
But thankfully, snail’s shell broke his fall
And Larry Hopper took his arms in his grip

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth


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