Wait Patiently

Waiting Patiently (2)

Feeling trapped?



Just wait.

Just ………. Wait.


One day.

Maybe one day soon.

One day very soon.

All will be released


Imagine the surprise, when new life and fragrance break forth.

So don’t give up.

Don’t give in to the sorrows

The pain.

The frustrations.

Hang in there.

Times may be silent.

Your answers may seem to be lost.

Gone missing.

Gone elsewhere.

To someone else.


Beautiful fragrance will follow the silence when silence is allowed its moment.



7 thoughts on “Wait Patiently

  1. This is sooooo beautiful! Not only that, it’s exactly what I needed to hear at this precise moment. I just finished saying to my Lord, and as a reminder to myself, that I will never give up or stop trusting Him no matter certain outcomes with various situations. I kid you not! I just whispered that in my room, then checked my computer and there was your beautiful poem. Thank you!!


Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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