Tears Through the Years

Tears Through the YearsWhen the pain is overwhelming

When the pain is fresh

Tears Through the Years (3)Scarce can see the time

Scarce can feel emotion

Tears Through the Years (2)Pain it blocks the light of day

Pain it blocks true living

Tears Through the Years (4)But as time it passes

The light will cleanse

Life will seem clearer

You’ll see through the tears

See through the tears

See through the tears

And see less of your fears


4 thoughts on “Tears Through the Years

    • So sorry about your loss. Losing a loved one is something that no-one can comprehend until they’ve been there themselves. My beautiful mother and brother are both in my heart; but no longer with me. Five and three years ago now; but still so emotionally raw at times. Times when the smallest memory can trigger many tears and much sorrow. Praise God He sees us through, is seeing us through and will see us through. May you be strengthened in His love and comfort. Take a look at my poem “Underneath are the Everlasting Arms” if you have a free moment. I wrote it when mum died. It’s on http://www.poetrycottage.com or my post ‘Never Give Up’ from January.


Thank you for your comment. Please be blessed as you read through Poetry Cottage.

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