Hidden Glory

Shimmering LightYesterday I left the house and this beautiful rose was closed. Petals held tightly in place, with their edges drawn toward the centre. I had no idea of the glory that was to be revealed on my return. Sometimes, life can be so difficult, so intense with emotions cramped in pain that we don’t know how we will ever make it through the minutes, the hours, the days. When will we ever see the sun shine again? When will the joy be released in our hearts? When will we shine? Shine with the love of Jesus.

All in God’s perfect timing. I did nothing. I just left the house and returned; but oh! the miracle of the Lord’s handiwork. Creative beauty unfolding. Too much to absorb.

When He is ready, the reflective light from Jesus in you will shine upon others and because of His amazing grace, you will bloom, others will be blessed and He will be glorified.

But … only when He is ready!

4 thoughts on “Hidden Glory

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