Tears Can Be Beautiful

Dry TearsSometimes plans don’t follow the path that your expectations believe they would.
Sometimes expectations follow a different path.
The path that leads to a dream which was hiding.
The path that starts a new story to be told.
And tears may sprinkle and gather along the collection of those lost dreams.
But they cleanse the shadows and release the beautiful life that awaits to unfold.

9 thoughts on “Tears Can Be Beautiful

  1. WOW! This one is so special. I’ve cried so many tears since losing my husband five years ago that sometimes I think there couldn’t be any left; and then there are. In the midst of the years and tears though, Father has put my feet on many new paths and is leading me into new stories.

    As you know Liana, I adore your writing. It’s obvious it has come out of heartache and pain. But, also beauty and triumph in Him. Your book, Fragrance From The Spring, is downloading right now to my iPad. I’m so glad I’ve found your life-giving work.


    • I’m so sorry that you are feeling so much pain. It sounds as though we were both grieving initially at the same time. I understand fully, as I know anyone who has lost a loved one, comprehends the tears which seem to be endless. May each tear bring a little rainbow with it. Thank you so much for purchasing my e-book. I pray it blesses you very much and brings God glory xxx


  2. We either believe or we don’t that a Heavenly Father has us in His loving hands; will not drop or neglect us; has a plan that works out beyond our grandest dreams, in His timing.


  3. Powerful words, Liana! God brings beauty from ashes and what the enemy has meant for evil, God can use for good 🙂 What an amazing God we serve!
    Blessings to you, dear one.


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