Meeko Lee McFluff (A Children’s Poem)

meekoWhen Meeky fell into the treacle jar
Dear Louie began to cry
He cried so much
His tears just stuck
Meekily Treakily, why oh why?

Don’t cry, don’t cry
Or else you’ll flood
This jar in which I’m jammed
Just find a rope or something like …
That bristly broom-broom over there

But Meekles, sobbed dear Louie Bear
That’s not a broom-broom-broom
If I use that, you’ll fall down flat
You’ll not only be in treacle; but a jam

Why! Why! Why!
The older cat spluttered out
Just grab it and then you’ll see

Well, okay then and off he went
To grab that bristly broom
And with both his paws
He pulled and pulled
Hang on
Hang on
Now Meeky’s nowhere to be seen!

Meekily, Meekily, Meekily Moo
Where are you … Meekily Moo?
Through sobs of meows he cried
But all he saw were toffee-coloured bubbles
Rising from the top of the treacle
More, more, more, more, more

Oh No! He’d told him … He’d told him
That the broom was not a broomy-broom-broom
Surely, surely Meeky should have known
That as he picked the broom-broom up
Dear Meeky … Well, he would just disappear
‘Cause that broom-broom, it was attached
With such a furry, furry match … His tail was what it was!
And now Meeky’s fat, very fluffy-wuffy tail
Had turned out so very, very yukky

Oh! There he is at last, at last
With a look of sticky glee
With his funny, now flat face he’d pushed
Through the bubbles he’d broken
Broken and pushed
Found his way to the side
And climbed out onto bestest friend Louie

Yikkity Yikkity Yuk Yuk Yuk
And now they’re both waddling like a duck

© 2013 – current Liana Wendy Howarth

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