The Ribbons of Time

Scarlet Ribbons 2Winding through this heart of mine,
Satin ribbons, scarlet ribbons and twine;
Ribbons of softness, compassion and love,
Roughened, dry twine trying to choke the True Vine.

Flowing freely, bringing life with each thread,
Ribbons entwining my life,
with joy,
when I dread;
Of battles that rage and fight deep within,
Wrap ribbons of kindness round my favoured head.

Oh! Wrap the ribbons round my fam-ily,
Wrap scarlet ribbons through our lives of need;
Wrap the ribbons and hold us securely,
Safe in Your presence, forevermore, surely.

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

6 thoughts on “The Ribbons of Time

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