His Song

Look UpSoftly, softly sings my Saviour,
Sings my Saviour, soft to me,
Sending words of comfort daily,
Through the whisper of the trees.

I hear the bees a-buzzing,
Amidst the jasmine vine,
Sweet, perfumed snow-buds of fragrance,
A chorus so divine.

He’s in the falling dew,
That refreshes thirsting life,
He’s in the greatly chirping birds
Their songs announcing strife.

The blades of grass a-swaying,
In breezes He brings forth,
Carrying echoes of love and joy,
Peace flows down from upper north.

He brings music to my ears,
And causes me to hear,
For everything that has His touch,
Gifts of song, new life, brings near.

The golden harps of dawn,
The twilight dusky bells,
Little creatures just being themselves,
The dry leaves sailing effortlessly down,
The roses lifting sweet perfume,
The clouds a-billowing past,
The distant cry of a lonely dog,
The beat of a winged butterfly,
The lorikeet, the kangaroo,
…. Sweet melody in a kitten’s purr.

My Lord, my Lord, Thou art beautiful,
Open mine ears so I will perceive,
This pure delight, this spotless sight,
Singing songs of pure love … I receive.

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

2 thoughts on “His Song

  1. This really describes how I felt today. T’was my day off so I took myself off to a National Trust garden, alone, and sat listening to all the lovely sounds of nature…it was truly a symphony of His Song! x


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