Marsha Mallow Goes Dancing (A Children’s Poem)


Pink and white
Shimmering delight
Twirling round
She waits for the sound

Marsha Dee, well she loves dancing
Wobbling here and there a-prancing
But sliding across the wooden floor
She slid too fast and flew out the door

Woopsy woops … she’s back again
And her frosty dress now has a stain
‘cause flying past the grasses green
Who did she see; but a doggy so mean

Woofity woof. Yum. You’re all mine
Yapped the neighbour’s dog; but he did whine
‘cause Marsha Dee, she spun around
And waltzed her way onto safer ground

Flummeries and wummeries, dog’s now gone
What a shame that the song’s nearly done
But here comes another, fast and strong
And there goes Marsha Dee Mallow, a-mallowing along

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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