Cat Lost, Cat Found (A Children’s Poem)

highdefinition picture of the winter landscape 6

The cat sat on the window sill
That cold, cold winter night
And the flames threw orange sparkles forth
As she silently withdrew from sight

Her purring had held pure happiness
When home at last she saw
The poor, poor bundle of furry joy
Four days gone … four paws were sore

Lost in the blizzard of untold snow
Trees trapped in white-washed lanes
Her way misplaced and so forgotten
She’d sheltered in downtown drains

But then one bleary, bleakest eve
The air it cleared in the softest way
She smelt the loving aromas of home-baked stew
Wafting through a chimney nearby … I say

‘That’s my home …
The one with the bright red door’
And shivering, shaking … (thin icicles for whiskers)
She tapped on the pane once more

Warm air it invited, as the flames edged out
The red barrier at last was down
Someone had amazingly seen her shadow
Caught for a moment, clothed in frozen gown

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

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