Pickles and Ginger

Gray Cat Head HeadYellow Cat

Pickleton and Ginger Lee
Raced round and round
Until they found
Upon the ground
The branches low
A way to go
Above below
Away from Brampton SuperDog
For he did chase
To win the race
Around the base
Of Crispy backyard apple tree
Up and up the bough, it shook
Ginger cried … Don’t be a sook
We’re safe at last, do stop and look
And SuperDog’s tail
Was wag, a-wagging as he howled an awful wail
His lead had caught upon a rail
… and now both kitties could safely bail

Meow – Me – Me .. ow – ow – ow

Woof! Woof!

Dog Wearing a Cape                     Apple and Worm

© 2013 Liana Wendy Howarth

images courtesy of http://www.mycutegraphics.com

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