Sands of Time


The cares of time
They do but fly
And cover the footsteps
Of our Lord Jesus Christ

Every day, every worry
Every pain, every cry
Each casts one more grain
And blears the weary eye

We are struggling to follow
His continuing steps
For we have allowed life
To cloud over and cover the prints

Push through, push against
This raging, relentless storm
For He does not fail
To leave us lost, leave us forlorn

tropical storm is coming

The wind howls, the battle worsens
The sand stings and cuts to our very core
But Oh! Do look heavenwards
For mercifully, He has given us wings

And as we fly high valiantly over
These trials and these woes
Those lost, covered footsteps
Catch our souls when found from above

If we try to step into something unseen
And our circumstances block our path
Look up, look up and see Jesus
Live above the trials and not in

So then we can be with Him
He strengthens our very weak strength
Hold on, hold on to Jesus
The author and finisher of our faith

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

photos courtesy of

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