Have a Biscuit, Nana

Cookie Mix Ingredients

Darling Nana
With your eyes so blue
There are biscuits here
Made especially for you

Would you like one
Say ‘Yes’ ….. please
They are your favourite
Please have one of these

Have a biscuit, Nana
I spent hours making them
There’s chocolate, or vanilla
Nut, cherry or lem-on

Two Smiling Cherries

First I mixed the butter
Into the white sugar
Then Mum helped me with the eggs
And we added flour from the jar

After that I decided
What flavour you would like
But maybe, I wondered if
I should have made pike-lets

Anyway I added
Lots of yummy things
And Mum helped me shape them
And make them ‘fit for Kings’

We placed them on greased trays
And into the hot oven they went
Waiting! Waiting! For the bell to ring
Oh! No! They’ve all come out bent

So please Nana, please
Have a biscuit, please
I made them with all my love
Just one little bite ……
Ok! My precious one

Cookie Jar

(in “Fragrance from the Spring”)

image courtesy of http://www.mycutegraphics.com

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