‘The Carousel of Love’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

carousel horse
Stepping upon the carousel of love
We offer our hearts to God and each other
Taking a picturesque seat we look and smile gently
At the one we have promised our life to obey

The days are beginning in new wedded bliss
Slowly at first and we wonder at the hours
Hours of changing scenery and feelings
One is up, the other down

One is down, the other up
We continue to love and hold hands when we can
Sometimes within the realms of day
We meet and share each others dreams

The moments take on new momentum of time
We often miss the beauty of things passing by
But because we are one, on this journey and beyond
We can cherish each other, no matter what comes

Cherish the one to whom we’ve been given
A wonderful joy, sent straight from heaven
Because one day this beautiful carousel of ours
Will slow so we can almost walk right along beside
Then our dreams will seem clearer, we will perfectly see
Our life as one, on this merry-go-round

As one is up, the other is cherished
As one is down, the other is loved
Together meeting, life moves forward
Strengthening and caring and yet strengthened and cared for

To the One who has placed us upon this unknown journey
We thank You for bringing us preciously together
Lord Jesus may Your peace and joy ever surround us
And through wind, hail and sunshine, Your Word always keep us

photo courtesy of http://www.all-free-download.com

4 thoughts on “‘The Carousel of Love’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

  1. charlotte simson

    Hello there,

    I would love to use this beautiful reading at my Wedding but would like to check with whoever wrote it first, out of courtesy.
    Do you happen to know the name of the person who wrote this?

    Thank you.


    1. Hello Charlotte,
      I wrote this poem and I would be honoured if you were to use it at your wedding … thank you so much for checking first … praying you and your future husband are blessed abundantly as you start your new life together.
      Liana xx


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