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‘Little Deer, Little Deer’ in “Fragrance from the Spring” (A Little Something for the Children)

brown-bearWho is that little deer
Standing all alone?
Go over and say hello
Maybe invite him home

But Mama! You said
He’s not like us
And remember you said
Don’t make a fuss

It’s alright little one
Just because he’s different
His mother and father worry
That is what I meant

Okay Mama I’ll say hello
And invite him home for tea
That’s a good girl
And invite his mum for me

Hey Deer – Deer!
Over here!
Want to play
……. Do not fear
I’ll look after you

We could play games
And read stories too
Play hide and seek
And yell out …. Boo!

Would you like that?
Is that a smile I see
Come on, let’s go
Mama is waiting for me

So bring your mother
Bring her out into the sun
Sisters and father
It’s time to have some fun

And then on another day
We could have a swim
Can you swim Deer – Deer?

Oh! No!
I’ve scared him …….
What’s wrong, Deer – Deer?
I’ll teach you
If you have a problem

You’d like that!
Good then ……. it’s settled
When shall we start?
The sooner the better

So the very next day
After they had played and played
They went to the lake
And she taught him to swim

Thank you so much
Was all he could say
“Mum always worries
Because I can’t see
But now she realized
It doesn’t worry me!”


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