‘Abandon’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

The Fern

‘Silently the breezes blow

And the dew falls softly down

Where a carpet of sweetly-scented flowers

Receives for itself a crown


Whispering over babbling brooks

Showing little stones beneath the flow

The moss does cling, the birds do sing

One day His love we’ll know


The early morning reigns triumphant

Misty evening brings darkness and shower

Before too long, jubilant song we’ll hear

And with abandon, live in His power


The baby deer so perfectly adoring

Newness of forest floor

Trees of mercy, shelter and feed

His creatures with His store


Abandonment of truest desire

We with all creation, adore

And on the rolling hills and plains

Praise rings out forevermore’

2 thoughts on “‘Abandon’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

  1. Was teaching at senior high youth group tonight… we got into a discussion about how cool it would be for God to text us …. oh He does, doesn’t He … leaves His messages all over … too bad so few today can find them … glad you do … and then share them with us 🙂


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