The Tears of a Dry Heart – ‘A Beautiful Story’ in “Fragrance from the Spring”

stream in forest


Softly as a pure, white dove,

The snowflakes gently fell,

A little lamb was given us,

On that crisp, winter morn.


And as He grew, new life was found,

Found deep within the earth,

Petals beautifully did spring forth,

And not a blemish spoiled.


Fresh sounds of song rolled off the leaves,

Of fragrance laced with heaven,

And that dear lamb, God’s chosen One,

Was led toward that tree.


The tree of death, the tree of life,

And today this is given thee,

To die with Christ, be born again,

Never again be led astray.


The wondrous Shepherd of mankind,

With grace whispers your name,

Come forth, come forth,

From darkness holding, life begins with Me.


Take My hand and walk beside Me,

Bring your heart to pastures green,

Living waters will cleanse, restore you,

Open the gate that is nailed with My pain,

Your shame is taken,

My love is given,

Silent knocking on your heart no more.

_       _       _       _       _       _       _

When tears have dried up; but you’re still in pain, open the floodgates of the reservoir and allow the Living Water to fill the emptiness of your broken heart.  Maybe once again.

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